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The brand.

Doge, Dog Empathy, It is an Italian brand that deals with the production of accessories for dogs and dogs owner, with the aim of creating something special.

Doge, Dog Empathy, wants to be present in your everyday life, helping you to strengthen your relationship and complicity with your best friend.

Everything arises from a glance and simple caress to become a sincere bond, in mutual need, in unconditional love that does not need words to express itself.

Empathy is the one that is created between you and your dog, it is the concept behind the brand and Doge products.

Doge accessories are designed look to current trends and crafted using only high quality materials.

Leather and silver combine together in a dark-chic collection that will allow you to have an impeccable, elegant look and suitable for any kind of situation.

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Alessandro Palori

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Riccardo Cruciani


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